Welcome to wisedog.com

Wise Dog and Jimmi exist within all of us; two parts, side-by-side.  Search within yourself to see which you identify with most.

Wise Dog stands for everything geared towards self-discovery, self-reflection, and enlightenment. You will find Wise Dog nourishing his mind and body, meditating, and practicing yoga. Also being selfless, egoless, compassionate and “being wise.” All his intentions and actions come from a place of purity and innocence.

Then there is Jimmi, who exemplifies worldly experiences, both physical and mental. He is whimsical, flamboyant, and egocentric; yet very likable. You may see him embodying all sorts of rolls and wearing the appropriate attire. Whether a club dancer, or a futuristic flying motorcycle rider, he will experience everything from ordinary daily life to dream-like scenarios. Jimmi encompasses our core of ‘wanting to experience’ all we can.

Through Wise Dog and Jimmi we share with you each side of our selves.  Which one are you? Or which one are you today?