The true story of Jimmi the dog, and how Jimmi, became Wise Dog.

Let’s begin with how Wise Dog came to be. It started with my dog Jimmi, who was given to me by a friend back in Munich Germany around the year 1988. Jimmi was approximately 4 to 5 months old and still very attached to his mother when I got him. When I took him away, he cried the entire train ride home. He was a mixed breed of mini pincher and schnauzer, so he had those long beard hairs below his chin which gave him a very distinctive look. (The long beard hairs are an important trait which came to define the Wise Dog character). Jimmi grew to love his new home and me. I was a teenager at the time and full of exploring and experiencing both the world and my emotions. While I was very attached to Jimmi, I was able to leave him with my family to take trips. As fate would have it, Jimmi made his way out of the house one time while I was on a trip. He ended up not very far from our house, but at the entrance of the Bavaria Film Studios. It was here Jimmi was hit by a tourist bus and severely injured. He was rushed to the animal hospital emergency room and, once there, the doctors suggested putting him to sleep. Luckily my Grandmother and Father made the decision to try to save him. Jimmi’s life was saved, despite severe injuries, by placing a metal plate in his hip area. He stayed at the hospital facility for several more weeks and had many months of recovery ahead. But finally he returned home to me. After this near death experience, Jimmi, in my mind’s eye, became Wise Dog.
The creation of Wise Dog (the character)
In 1994, my husband introduced me to the book ‘I AM THAT’, talks by Nisargadatta Maharaj. He and his friends had spent many days and nights reading this book and having endless discussions about its message. First I dismissed the book, but then later I became more open to exploring it. After I began reading the book, and long before I came close to finishing it, immense realizations and understandings came to light. The messages of Maharaj resonated and opened doors of clarity within me. Without any planning or prior thinking, I simply began writing down quotes from the books; sayings from within Maharaj’s answers to people. Then I started creating illustrations that made the messages come to life through my art. It was as if my Wise Dog character, Jimmi, was right there to interpret the messages. This is when I first used my drawings to illustrate greeting cards. Then later I created an electronic greeting card web site. After several more years, and having new revelations about my work, I created my first short animated films.

I illustrated the scenes which went along with the message, then wrote down what would take place in the scenes, chose the music and sent it off to be animated. When the shorts were completed, I entered them into several film festivals and almost immediately got screenings in several different locations. I felt my vision for Wise Dog expanding. Then a really big realization which helped me see there are really two characters in one here. There are two people in each of us, that part of us who lives in the outer word and experiences all there is, and our ‘inner Self’ who dives into silence and explores that realm of our Self. I realized that these 2 characteristics were present within me; I am both Jimmi and Wise Dog. The two co-exist together as the foundation of my existence, and the way I experience my outer and inner worlds. And we are all like Jimmi (the dog), an infant who starts as an infant and grows through experiences to become Wise Dog. We are all the same; we are all here to experience. But with the business of everyday life, we must be reminded to explore and discover our ‘inner world’. Once you do, there is no going back. It is an ever evolving journey that takes you closer and closer to your Self. Jimmi and Wise Dog show us this journey; they are the guides and messengers. Which one are you? Are you Jimmi, or are you already a Wise Dog? Maybe you can identify that you are both. Let us share the ride together… Discover your Wise Dog. Let Jimmi guide you. And Wise Dog teach you. Let the journey begin…
~ Mandana Talieh