Streets of New York

Jimmi is a character who has another persona called Wise Dog. Sometimes you will see his Jimmi 'the experiencer' side, and sometimes you will see Wise Dog, his 'true self' side. In this clip you will see Jimmi looking at the streets of New York through his eyes...


Jimmy Ride

Jimmi and his friends live in the house of truth and creativity. Together they ride over the world and spread the energy of wisdom and love, and create a better world... 


Tune In

A 70's psychedelic scene, with the message to 'tune in' to your inner Self, wherever you may be; and to go beyond experiences of the mind and body, and just be...            


The Dance

 A blend of different dance scenes, set in different times. From techno, to the 1920's flapper music, to an Asian solo scene as the finale. The message is that when you are in the moment, that moment becomes an eternal dance throughout time...            


School of Yoga

Yoga, as in the way you live your life. School of yoga teaches and portrays enlightenment through windows of thought, action, and intention. When you pass through the various stages, the fruit of understanding, and finally 'enlightenment' will ripen you to pass on to that final 'state of being'...